Tailored to Your Needs

Value Energy solutions limited provides technological leadership, with a clear focus on providing various options on sustainable modern Agricultural technologies that are climate smart and cost-effective, including; Solar powered drip irrigation system, Hydroponic system and Aquaponics system.

We deal in:
  1. Supply and installation of Irrigation systems, Greenhouses, Dam liners, Hydroponics and Aquaponics systems
  2. Agricultural Consultancy services

For both vegetables and fruit trees irrigation. This includes; Drip tape, HDPE pipes, valves, filters, Tees, Elbows, Adaptors,  Starter connectors, Take offs, Button drippers, Middle connectors, rubbers and End caps.

Our irrigation systems are designed to irrigate plants efficiently, they are also long lasting and affordable.

Our various drip kits include

  • Kitchen garden drip kits
  • 1/16 Acre Drip Irrigation Kit- Ksh.8,500
  • 1/Acre Drip Irrigation Kit- Ksh.17,000
  • ¼   Acre Drip Irrigation Kit- Ksh.35,000
  • ½ Acre Drip Irrigation Kit- Ksh.70,000
  • ¾  Acre Drip Irrigation Kit- Ksh.110,000

1 Acre Drip Irrigation Kit- Ksh.135,000

  1. Pop up sprinkler: These are sub-surface sprinklers for lawns, football pitches, gardens and golf course.
  2. Rain gun sprinklers- These are metallic high pressure sprinklers that cover long radius
  3. Mega net sprinklers-These are plastic sprinklers that range from 1/2” to 1”
  4. Impact sprinklers-They are plastic and range from 1/2″ to 1″
  5. Micro sprinklers- 1/2″ butterfly type sprinklers
  6. Misters and foggers- used in greenhouses

Rain gun sprinklers 

This irrigation equipment is effective in irrigating large plantations of maize, bananas, fodder grass, golf course lawns and football pitch.

Rain guns can cover radiuses of up to 30-40m.

Other features

  • Both metallic & plastic rain guns are available
  • Have shooting radius of 15m to 40m depending on size and pressure
  • Pressure ranges from 2-5 bar depending on size
  • Available size are 1’’ , 1½ ‘’ , 2’’ and 2 ½‘’
  • Our rainguns are either impact or gear driven.

 Impact sprinklers 

We supply metallic and plastic impact sprinklers available in 1’’, ¾’’ and ½’’ sizes.

Our impact sprinklers are built to last long.

 Pop up sprinklers 

Pop up sprinkles comprise of an underground piping system laid out making the system invisible. Once the system is turned on, the pop sprinklers rise above the ground and irrigate the lawn. Once irrigation is complete, they move back below the ground. They are ideal for lawns.

Available sizes ½’’ and ¾’’ and 1’’

Our Geo-membranes come in the following gauges and thickness.

  • 3mm (300 microns) dam liners – For use in light projects; up to 200m sq area

Fish pond liners 

We supply UV treated fish pond liners of different gauges from 3mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm and 1mm.

We also design and customize fish pond liners to fit the different pond shapes and sizes of our clients

Dam liner welding services 

We provide installation services to our clients to ensure the product serves its purpose as intended.

  • 5mm (500 microns) dam liners- Is used for medium sized projects; from 200M sq to 1,000M sq area
  • 8mm (800 microns) dam liners- Great for medium to large projects; from 200M sq to any size
  • 1mm (1,000 microns) dam liners- Recommended for large projects; from 1,000M sq to any size

Insect nets 

These insect nets are designed to protect the crops from insect pests. The net width and length vary depending on the net use, type and net density.

The nets we supply are are UV treated and suites the tropical climates of high radiation levels.

Shade nets 

We supply nets of different gauges ranging from; 30%, 55%, 75% to 90% shade cover. The nets are effective in providing cover to protect crops from excess heat and light.